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A huge international flame exploded when a woman in a secret problem was found in Times Square. Surprisingly, the name of the FBI agent, Kurt Weller, was postponed. Jane Doe, Agent Weller and other FBI members know that every tattoo on her body is a crime solved and that will bring her closer to the facts about her identity and the mystery of being revealed. Author Martin Gero (a “killer”, “Complex”) anachezarolęjako producer together Greg Berlanti (“Laura Siri”,”Level”), Sarah Schechter (“Laura Secret”, “Standard”), Mark Pellington (“Cold Case”), and Marcos Siega (“Following”). Blindspot is the production of Warner Bros. Television and Climate Change. Title Season 1 is an anagram which, when it is unclassified, has long-term messages related to the season. Episodes 1 to 10 Anger of the main mystery of the game – “Who is Jane Doe?” while 11 to 23 episodes aim to send audiences into the new game The first nine events of the 2nd season are anagrams, then rankbecomes palindrome, and the middle letter was integrated to describe “WELLER SOS WINE”. Title Season 3 uses different mailboxes. “Different letters” in title titles begin spelling

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