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the latest Gothic contribution in this incredible underground saga game. He will come to the computer by 2016, but has since been released on Xbox One and PS4, we thought, informing you about what we thought. Of course, if there is a problem with the port, this overview will change.


Like codeprevious war saga and Burnout Paradise – sharing many creative talents – NFS is an open-air racing game. He said that the gistoriiuz oil gasoline, which came into the racing world downlegal land.

that this means that in practice this is a game in which your character sets different drivesmissions in exchange for the experience of points and money for investing in a new vehicle. These missions range from classic races to weather tests, and even specific management issues donate donuts across the city. In general, there is nothing new for those who have been playing racing games in the last five years.

Next toToo, the Stori kernel mode, you need to speed up a variety of other ways to enjoy the network with your friends. Yes, and on the Internet, even when NFS plays your game unit to stay connected to the Internet, which becomes a raging standard for EA games.

Nice arcade Esk.

NFS is verya fun game, and the fans appreciated the setting and depth. During the game you can buy up to 51 different cars on whatever you can adjust absolutely everything, from pure aesthetics to an attractive and relationship. In fact, in our online racing experience, it looks like everyone was worried about something elsewhich added some interesting value from this item.

The need for gaming speed is like an arcade game, although it’s still quite a challenge to make sure you never try to feel the protected track. Expect a lot of changed hand brakes and training, how to perfect drift.

Likeand the look of the diaiaga, EA continues to use the frostbite engine charging to perform realistic games on a shared yacht at a single company, immobile 30 frames per second. This machine comes with a series of FMV niataplot points, allowing you to interact with your charactersDiscus music, cars and everything that today NFS children of the world.

Funny and novel

Gothic creates fun racing games with an exciting Set-piece round-the-world open circuit. Visually stunning, it’s fun to watch, as automobile bombarded to break them all over the world. But do not expectInnovation: NFS follows the path of the previous title.

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